Printmaking Workshops at Angela’s home studio

Sessions are tailored for clients for lino printing, photopolmer printing and mono-printing.

Contact Angela if you have any queries and would like to chat further.

Angela Mellen - Photopolymer Print - Changing States
Angela Mellen. Changing States - Installation Photopoloymer Print, 2017
Angela Mellen. Changing States - HD Video Projection 02:00 min, 2017


Exhibited with XAP,, Virtuality-Mortality, October 2017, at the Ugly Duck, Tanner Street, SE1 3PL. Twenty-one international artists investigate our relationships with technology -the real and the virtual, digital, organic, human, machine, living, decaying, undead and reborn.

Angela Mellen exhibited her works print and video. The sea mirrors our emotions. Writer Marcel Proust defines virtuality, memory, as “real but not actual, ideal but not abstract.” The sea symbolizes presence and sense of space, a place to reflect and to dream.


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