Art in Your home

Art in your home adds personalised elegance to your space.

Following the initial discussion to find out what art is required that would match your personality and style and to complement your space in your home.

Whether you want your piece of art to be centre of attention in the room or to make a more subtle contribution to the room.

The sort of questions to think about are what sized work of art, into which space will it go? Is it a particular style? For example a painting of impressionism,            abstract or realism or photography or sculpture?

Service can include delivery and hanging.

Oringinal prints below are of artist Angela Mellen. Other Artists work is sourced for client's specification from Angela's portfolio of Artists.

Photopolymer Print - Seascape 2 size (Unframed including mount) 50cm x 40cm
multilayered lino and Photopolymer Print 2/4 size (Unframed) 35cm x 45cm
Photopolymer Print - Winter Scene. Framed size 52cm x 65cm